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Title: throwing stones (dizzy with eternity)
Author: andromeda3116/cupid-painted-blind
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Yangchen, a host of OCs, past Avatars.  I haven't written her yet, and I wanted to.
Summary: Yangchen isn't good enough for anyone but herself. It will have to do.
A/N: I've had a terrible week, guys, and there's two things that always make me feel better: writing fanfiction and listening to some oldies. I was raised on the Grateful Dead, and this song is the soundtrack to my youth, in addition to being a really good, really compelling song. I've also never written Yangchen or the Air Nomads before (I'm partial to the Water Tribes, honestly) and I wanted to give it a shot. In my head, Yangchen will always look like this art by Windy-Asylum. Also, why is this so long? This is only the first half of the story. I still haven't gotten through earth and fire (and I may not).

Also-also, I have so much head!canon about the past Avatars.  So much.

throwing stones
-- - dizzy with eternity
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 Let's get this party started.

Shifting all of my writing from LJ to here will be a long, arduous task and frankly wouldn't be worth it in the long run, so I'll just leave a link to my page and leave it at that, at least for now.

Who am I?  I'm cupid-painted-blind on (and also Touch of Gray, but that account has more or less been discontinued), andromeda3116 on LiveJournal (although I'm planning to shift things from there to here) and a Molecular Biology major when I'm not plugged in.  The fundamental facts about me:  I am an Atheist.  I am from Mississippi.  I am in my twenties.  I want to be an Astrobiologist.  I like all sorts of science, and all sorts of nerdy things, and all sorts of science fiction.  I have over four hundred books spread across my parents' house, my apartment, and my kindle (I'm currently working my way through the Discworld series).  I'm a head case, albeit a functional one (finally).  In my spare time, I write, mostly fanfiction because it's a fun way to pass the time not spent frantically working on homework or essays or just working.  I've been a member of fandom in some form or fashion since 2005, or age fourteen.

And then, the fact that probably says more about me than all of the others above: I would have sex with Leonard Nimoy, given the chance, simply so I could say that I had sex with Spock.


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